Panel discussion 

This year our networking and consultation will be placed before the panel discussion. This will give conference attendees a chance to formulate what you might want to say to our esteemed panel members. These panel members have a real influence on how healthcare will be delivered to our clients in the future.

Our Panel members:

  • Dr Adrian McLachlan, Lambeth CCG Chair, is one of the key clinicians being consulted for the Homeless Health Services Transformation programme. This programme aims to deliver the recommendations of the London Health Commission report around homeless health.
  • Michele Golden, is the current Head of General Practice Inspections for the South. Michele’s role involves developing an approach methodology for GP practice inspections, and ensuring all practices are inspected in a way that makes a real difference. She originally trained as a nurse, and was previously a lecturer in palliative care.
  • Dr Ray Earwicker, is a Senior Policy Manager at the Health Inequalities Unit at the Department of Health, and is attending at a time when the Visitor and Migrant NHS Cost Recovery Programme is being rolled out. In the past he was the Secretary to the Independent Inquiry on Health Inequalities (the Acheson report).
  • Jenny Travassos is a Commissioner for Rough Sleeper Services in Westminster. Commissioners in Westminster have to make hard decisions about who can and cant access rough sleeper services, and the inherent challenges mirror the challenges being faced pan London at a time when 53% of the rough sleeping population are not UK nationals, and many do not have a local connection to any London borough.
  • Caroline Alexander, Chief Nurse for London, NHS England is a champion for compassionate leadership and care, and a long term friend of homeless nurses, having supported the LNNM homelessness group for many years.

We want our panel members to go away with a clear idea about what we think is going well, but also how we think things could be improved…

Come to conference and have your say…!

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