There will be a focus group session at the conference where we will be discussing the future of homeless health services and trying to draw out key themes to inform the current NHS England review of commissioning.NHS England commissioners will be in attendance at this session (and hopefully the rest of the conference).


Therefore as promised earlier the organising committee have attempted to review a wealth of suggestions from the network and tried to refine this to 5 documents that cover a range of the issues and highlight salient points to inform the discussion. There are doubtless other documents that we could have included, please feel free to read as widely as you are able.


The executive summaries or  key points of these documents only are what we propose you review since they are all lengthy policy reports.

All of these are available freely using the links given and are in no particular order.


  1. Peter Aspinall (2014) Vulnerable Migrants, Gypsies and Travellers, People Who Are Homeless, and Sex Workers: A Review and Synthesis of Interventions/Service Models that Improve Access to Primary Care & Reduce Risk of Avoidable Admission to Hospital

Available from



  1. Theresa McDonagh (2011) Tackling homelessness and exclusion: Understanding complex lives

Available from



  1. Pathway   (2014) Standards for commissioners and providers

Available from



  1. RCGP (2013) Improving access to health care for Gypsies and travellers, homeless people and sex workers

Available from


  1. NRPF network (2015) Practice Guidance for Local Authorities (England) Assessing and Supporting Adults who have No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

Availble from

Specifically pages 27-30 of this as there is no executive summary. Note the NRPF network guidance on children and families also available from their site.