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Headline slide from the panel discussion

Al Story on the Public Health Consequences of Austerity

Community Alcohol Detox for Homeless People Luther Street Medical Centre

Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia Dr Phil Timms and John O Neil

Hepatitis C (Treatments & how to give them…)
Outreach into drug and alcohol centres and Peer AdvocacyStephanie Broughton, GSTT BBV CNS, Rebecca Hawley, KCH Viral Hepatitis CNS Sarah Hodges, KCH Viral Hepatitis CNS, Ala Miah, Groundswell Peer Mentor

Emerging Drug Trends
David Robertson Independant Non-Medical Prescriber South Westminster Drug and Alcohol Service

Homeless Sexual Health Outreach Services
Jo Philips CNS Nurse Practitioner and Theresa Burns Health Advisor 56 Dean Street

Homeless Prevention Initiative Joint Homeless Team Westminster

Personality Disorder From Symptoms to People, John Connolly CLCH Homeless Health Team Lead Counsellor and Paul Ashton Peer Advocate

Morag Forbes volunteer midwife with the Medical Justice Network. Issues managing pregnancy in homeless women in detention.

Yasmin Appleby CNS Find and Treat TB