Our Partners

We receive project specific support from NHS England which is allowing us to develop new ELearning in 2021.

The LNNM has received support from the London Housing Foundation for the last four years to enable the LNNM conference to be delivered cheaply. The LHF also provide us with essential operational costs.

The group was recently in receipt of a Burdett Trust for Nursing small grant to develop the network, and reach out to more members, and also received funds to support the development of our outreach guidance.

The group received financial support from the London Homeless Health Programme at the Healthy London Partnership to pay for certified CPD sessions and 3 funded Inclusion Health masters module places.

The group receives support from the Royal College of Nursing who currently provide meeting space free of charge, and also provide advice and support.

The group has greatly benefited from partnership with Groundswell in the production and organisation of our conferences and from input into our events.

The group also has close links with the Queens Nursing Institute Homeless Health Programme.

The Pathway charity recently partnered with us to enable us to receive the Burdett Trust for Nursing Award, and currently provides a care of address.

The group has recently benefited from the provision of a very low cost conference venue by Hillsong, who also provide the Greenlight homeless outreach service.

The group would like to acknowledge the performances of Streetwise Opera and the Choir with No Name at its conferences which have been so inspirational.

Finally the group would like to acknowledge the input of ‘Munch in Marylebone’ – catering services provided by the Marylebone project which empowers homeless women towards independent living.


If anyone’s going to be released from prison early, I hope it’s not going to be to the streets

How exactly do health communities help human beings to thrive? What is about them that is so essential to the way we function as individuals? What can we do, in the midst of escalating poverty & disconnection, to strengthen our communities?

🎟 https://aceawarescotland.com

We are calling for an independent urgent review of @CamdenCouncil's rough sleeping services.

NOT an internal review!
That's simply unacceptable...

We need YOU to support this ask before Tuesday's Housing Scrutiny meeting!

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