Network meetings

Network meetings are open to all members of the LNNM homelessness group network and provide a safe space to share learning, challenges and mutual support.

Meetings take place online between 4.00pm and 5.30pm, usually on the first Thursday of every second month.

At each meeting we invite a guest to come along to present on a topic of interest.   If you would like to suggest a topic, or present a meeting please get in touch.







2023 Meetings

Upcoming Meetings


November 2nd 2023: Games Therapy UK

Game Therapy UK is an exciting new charity providing innovative, evidence-based therapeutic games (“Dungeons and Dragons Therapy”) to groups at risk of social isolation.

This includes a wide range of groups such as people experiencing homelessness, people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, people experiencing neurodivergence and military veterans exposed to psychological trauma/ PTSD.

At this meeting, trustees Gary Colman and Finbar Macdonald-Westall will present the evidence-base for therapeutic gaming in general and for people experiencing homelessness in particular, and will share their own experiences and challenges of running the Camden project

Upcoming Meetings

December 7th 2023: Service Evaluation Design

A session on Service Evaluation Design, led by students that attended the UCL Homeless And Inclusion Health Masters Module earlier this year.

More information to follow.

Join the meeting here (MS Teams)

Past Meetings

Sept 7th 2023: The People’s Recovery Project

The People’s Recovery Project gave a presentation about their work to build sustained recovery for people experiencing homelessness and addiction. We also heard from some of their community members who gave honest and inspiring accounts of their journeys of homelessness and overcoming addiction.  Download their presentation.

July 6th 2023: Jane Williams, The Magpie Project

The Magpie Project supports mums and under-fives in temporary accommodation in Newham.  Jane joined us to talk about their service model.  Download Jane’s presentation.

3rd July 2023: Nicola Gitsham, Head of Healthcare Inequalities, Improvement and Personalisation, NHSE.

Nicola joined us to talk about the work of the NHSE on health inequalities and to present progress on the Framework for NHS Action on Inclusion Health.  Download Nicola’s presentation.

4th May 2023: Dr Kirstie Soar, Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research group at London South Bank University.

Kirstie joined us to talk about the progress and lessons learnt from the NIHR funded project – SCeTCH – a trial exploring ways to support those experiencing homelessness with their smoking.  Download Kirsty’s presentation.

Tuesday 21 February 2023: Haircuts for Homeless.

Haircuts for Homeless is a UK-wide initiative which provides homeless people with free haircuts to help them look and feel better. At this meeting, Stewart Roberts, Founder presented their work.


⚠ Upcoming @lnnmhomeless meeting
Homelessness and Safeguarding Masterclass - Complex Case Review Forum

Tues 20th Feb, 3.30pm-5pm

The last in this series of masterclasses held in partnership with Professor Michael Preston Shoot and Mike Ward.,gDTf1znk20iGvXVuSc2NFg,0yu_FsgTYEKrI7Ho8C2Czw,DGE1X2vA0kOyF5Vy0deXbw,81dIoCPasEiBz81SPjVR8w,muo5pcd-tUi82O1XsIMY5g?mode=read&tenantId=e2c4c2e7-0c5d-41a5-83ce-0b31dca48c34&skipauthstrap=1

Lovely colleagues - please help us to evidence the challenges associated with the management of diabetes when someone is homeless. We want to provide evidence of the need for specailist diabetes outreach, andmore resource. Take this survey!

Are you a nurse, healthcare professional, hostel worker, health support worker, or outreach worker working with people experiencing #homelessness who have #diabetes? We would love to hear about your experiences in this key area of care. See our survey here

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