The London Network of Nurses and Midwives

Lou Cahill

Lead for students and Trafficking Lead Lou has been a member of the LNNM for 2 years, joining whilst she was a student. Lou has spent the last decade working with the Red Cross both nationally and internationally. While working with refugees in 2011, Louise encountered a victim of modern slavery and was moved to begin campaigning with StopTheTraffik. Soon after, Louise began working with Rahab, a London-based organisation providing support to women and girls suffering sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Working alongside the Metropolitan Police during ‘welfare visits’ to brothels and massage parlours, Louise developed an understanding of the complex needs of this diverse group. In response, Louise co-authored a tool, the Modern Slavery Wheel, to support front-line staff by helping them to better identify victims. She is currently a member of the NHS England Modern Slavery Network and is working on Modern Slavery Healthscreen, to ensure that all those identified receive the appropriate care. Louise graduated as a nurse in 2017.