LNNM Publications

LNNM publications

The following are documents published by the LNNM as an organisation, including our guidance and our reports.

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Making Sense of Self Neglect

Published September 2022

A report from the 6th Conference of the London Network of Nurses and Midwives Homelessness Group, held on 1st April 2022.

Annual report April 2021 – March 2022

Published March 2022

Our annual report, containing a summary of our events, publications and achievements over the year.

Service Development in Inclusion Health Practice

Published March 2022

A guide to service development in Inclusion Health written by senior clinicians and including case studies and advice

Guidelines for supporting autistic clients in inclusion health work

Published July 2021

A guide to supporting autistic people in inclusion health settings

Nurses and Midwives Working in Inclusion Health – A Guide to the Sector for Students

Published May 2021

Inclusion health career profiles, published to accompany our event for students interested in inclusion health work. 

Annual report April 2020 – March 2021

Published March 2021

Our annual report, containing a summary of our events, publications and achievements over the year.

Health Related Street Outreach Guidance

Published January 2021

Guidance on Health Related Street Outreach, containing case studies the results of a research project and advice around best practice from expert clinicians and people with lived experience.

Report from our COVID-19 symposium, ‘The Voice of the Inclusion Health Frontline’

Published January 2021

A summary of our symposium on our members experiences during the first nine months of COVID-19. What has changed, and what changes do we want to hold on to? And how can we advocate around the barriers we found ourselves facing?


Today we share the beginning of our story.

We’re sharing our first impact report.

It’s a mark in the sand.

It tells the story of what we made happen when we started out.

We helped 15 people leave the streets for good.


At a time when homelessness services have never been more needed, it is deeply concerning that a fifth of homeless charities have reduced services in response to cost of living pressures. We can't afford to let any services shut down. #KeepOurDoorsOpen

Delighted that Arch & Common Ambition have been cited as an example of good practice in this excellent implementation manual from @homelessimpact & @NICEComms. Vital info to support #homelesshealth https://www.homelessnessimpact.org/post/nice-guideline-advice. #homeless #homelessness #brighton

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