Journal Articles

Journal articles

This is a list of journal articles about inclusion health written by network members.

Many of the articles are on subscription only platforms. If you want access to a particular article please get in touch and we would be happy to ask the author if they can facilitate this.

For NHS staff it is usually possible to get an OpenAthens account which will grant access to a wide range of journals. The form for this is here. If you would like advice about how to fill this out, again do get in touch.


Meeting the healthcare needs of people experiencing homelessness (2018)

This article provides nurses with information on the healthcare challenges that commonly affect people who are experiencing homelessness, and outlines various effective nurse-led interventions that can be implemented.

Serina Aboim, Samantha Dorney-Smith, Amy Hall, Ruth O Brien, Maxine Radcliffe, Kendra Schneller, Nicky Tanner, Rosa Ungpakorn

An integrated approach to nursing care for homeless people (2016)

In this article a specialist nurse working in London outlines the services her team provide, how the nursing role has developed, and how the London Network of Nurses and Midwives (LNNM) Homelessness Group provides support and networking opportunities for nurses in these challenging roles.

Rosa Ungpakorn

Improving digital health access for excluded groups (2017)

This research, originally published in The British Journal of Healthcare Management reports the findings of a 100 person survey and focus groups on digital access and inclusion, carried out in day centres and hostels.

Samantha Dorney-Smith, Nicola Gill

Integrating health care for homeless people: Experiences of the KHP Pathway Homeless Team (2016)

This article describes the setting up of a multidisciplinary, multi-agency homeless team within the King’s Health Partners hospitals in South London. The KHP Pathway Homeless team has been operating since January 2014, and works across three NHS Trusts, and five hospitals. The team is affiliated to, and forms part of a Pathway network of nine teams in acute care settings nationally.

Samantha Dorney-Smith, Nigel Hewett, Zana Khan, Rachel Smith

Homeless medical respite in the UK: A needs assessment for South London (2016)

A needs assessment was undertaken to provide evidence to support a business case for enhanced homeless medical respite provision in South London. A literature review was undertaken, and existing homeless medical respite models were reviewed. A summary of the locality inpatient caseload analysis undertaken is presented, offering a new insight into the varied post-discharge needs of homeless patients. Service provider and service user perspectives are presented.

Samantha Dorney-Smith, Nigel Hewett, Stan Burridge

Nurse-led homeless intermediate care: an economic evaluation (2013)

This article describes a homeless intermediate care pilot project that took place at a 120-bedded homeless hostel in South London in 2009. The project now has mainstream funding and has received a national community nursing award. Its success has been recognized nationally as an example of innovative practice in work with vulnerable groups.

Samantha Dorney-Smith

Piloting the community matron model with alcoholic homeless clients (2007)

This article describes a 13 week trial of the community matron model undertaken with homeless persons in Lambeth in early 2007. Six patients were selected for ‘demand management’ at a ‘wet’ hostel in South London.

Sam Dorney-Smith

Homeless medical respite service provision in the UK (2018)

The purpose of this paper is to review the history and current state of provision of homeless medical respite services in the UK, drawing first on the international context. The paper then articulates the need for medical respite services in the UK, and profiles some success stories. The paper then outlines the considerable challenges that currently exist in the UK, considers why some other services have failed and proffers some solutions.

Samantha Dorney-Smith, Emma Thomson, Nigel Hewett, Stan Burridge, Zana Khan







If anyone’s going to be released from prison early, I hope it’s not going to be to the streets

How exactly do health communities help human beings to thrive? What is about them that is so essential to the way we function as individuals? What can we do, in the midst of escalating poverty & disconnection, to strengthen our communities?


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