The London Network of Nurses and Midwives


2014 Conference

Attendee comments:

‘This is the best conference I have ever attended, because it felt like there was a real purpose to it’

‘It was brilliantly organised’

‘I must say the organisers were amazing’

‘A great event… Do it again please!’

Contributor comments:

Crystal Oldman, CEO, QNI – ‘It was a real privilege to be at your event and meet so many committed people’

Caroline Alexander, Chief Nurse, NHS London – ‘I found the panel discussion really helpful’

Helen Mathie, Head of Policy, Homeless Link – ‘It was very good event’

2015 Conference

Attendee comments:

‘Thought provoking’

‘absolutely wonderful’


‘a great day’

‘best conference I have ever been to’

‘passionate spirit of courageous nurses willing to challenge the status quo’.

Contributor comments:

Dr Ray Earwicker, Senior Policy Manager, Health Inequalities Unit, DH – ‘I enjoyed Friday’s session and I learnt a great deal!’

Jenny Travassos, Rough Sleeper Commissioner, Westminster – ‘I genuinely hope I was able to challenge some perceptions that commissioners don’t care! I thought they were a great bunch of people and where frustrations were voiced, I totally understood.’

Barbara O Connor, Lead, Office of CCGs – ‘I just wanted to say thank you for letting me attend the conference on Friday. I really enjoyed it… it was interesting hearing the perspectives of the people on the ground…’

Kate Bowgett (Director of Advocacy) – ‘I think it went really well… peers felt really involved. One peer now wants to be a nurse!’

2016 conference

Attendee comments:

‘Very motivating and progressive’


‘Brilliant organisation’

‘All of it was wonderful’

‘The place, the people, the way it was organised… it was really good’

‘I have a huge amount of respect for this conference because it is about learning, experience and networking – not a corporate money maker’

Contributor comments:

Dr Adrian McLachlan, Chair, London Homeless Health Programme / Chair, Lambeth CCG – ‘It was a very good conference’

Dr Ursula Gallagher, Professor Ursula Gallagher, Deputy Chief Inspector of General Practice and Integrated Care (London) – ‘It was a pleasure to spend some time with you at what was such a successful event’

Susan Munroe, CEO, Freedom from Torture – ‘It was a great programme you put together and my experience on the panel was very positive. Some really good questions from a thoughtful and engaged audience and a great range of perspectives on the panel.’

Ronald Kelly, Lawyer, Southwark Law Centre – ‘It was a very well-run event with a really important eye on the relevant policy issues.’

Garry Money, Assistant Director, London Homeless Health Programme – ‘I found it very insightful (as well as being well organised). As a direct result of the event we will be following up with Trinity Hospice re End of Life, and more broadly I got to sit with some more experts by experience and hear their views about being listened to.’

2017 conference

Attendee comments:

‘This year was the best year yet’

‘It was my first time at the LNNM conference and I was completely blown away!’

‘This conference gets us all together and reminds us that we are all one big family working together for a common goal. Very important in these times of austerity when the outlook looks a bit gloomy!’

‘A very high-class conference.’

‘Incredible verve. Thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening and informative. Really inspired me to find a career / help as some way as a nurse in this population of service users.’

‘All the sessions were fantastic.’

‘Keep it going, and widen the scope.’

Thank you – it was brilliant! I left feeling so inspired.