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Corinne Clarkson

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Corinne has been a community midwife supporting families experiencing disadvantage for many years and now works as a specialist midwife supporting migrant women – including refugees, families with no recourse to public funds, and undocumented & trafficked people in South London. She believes that systems change and population level interventions are the only way to improve the social determinants of ill health for vulnerable families and that prevention of later extreme disadvantage such as abuse, homelessness, poor physical & mental health and offending behaviour is possible through supporting communities to achieve better outcomes & experiences. Housing & homelessness are primary social health issues and particularly challenging in the capital, which is why she became involved in the LNNM in 2015. Corinne is currently Chair of the network and excited to have the support of the Royal Colleges of Nursing & Midwifery and to work alongside such an inspiring group of clinicians, support workers and peer advocates to support their work in achieving better outcomes for people experiencing homelessness in London.