The London Network for Nurses and Midwives was set up in 1999 by Christine Beasley (the Chief Nursing Officer at that time). The purpose was to bring together specialist nurses and midwives together to influence health policy pan London. When it was originally set up there were a large number of groups in operation. The wider London Network was very active until 2006, but has recently ceased to exist.

The Homelessness group however continues to be very successful. There are roughly 40 core members, with around 15 nurses and midwifes attending each meeting. There are over 200 hundred specialist practitioners on our pan London email distribution list and links with many others outside London. The group meets bi-monthly. There is usually a presentation on an area of interest and the group maintains a website which is intended as a hub of information for members and other interested parties working in homelessness.

Specialist nurses, midwives and allied healthcare practitioners working in all areas of homelessness are welcome. For example we have members who work with refugees and asylum seekers, homeless families, clients with TB, and sex workers.

The successes of the group over the last 17 years are summarised in this report recently released by the Florence Nightingale Foundation

LNNM Core Values and Mission Statement

LNNM Resources and Achievements

The LNNM homeless group produced the first Homeless Hospital Discharge Guidance in association with Homeless Link:

and has written a Knowledge and Skills Framework for Nurses and Midwives working in Inclusion Health services.

Key recent achievements of the group have been delivering 4 highly successful conferences in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 – run entirely by volunteer efforts from the group. A representative from the group also sits on the Board of the London Homeless Health Programme.

If you would like to join the London Network of Nurses and Midwives Homelessness group we would be very happy to hear from you!

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