The London Network of Nurses and Midwives

Poster competition

Poster competition guidelines – LNNM Conference 2018

Posters can feature formal research projects, literature reviews, celebrate good practice interventions, or can simply raise the profile of what you do.


General advice:

Ideally use size A1 or A0 so that your poster can be viewed easily

Minimise words wherever possible

Use pictures, graphs, and tables to illustrate points wherever possible

The ‘active voice’ is preferred

E-mail contact details for the lead submitter should ideally appear on the poster somewhere (so people can contact you if they are interested in your work)

You may wish to laminate your poster to protect it on the day. Alternatively fabric posters are easy to transport and look after, and can be printed for a relatively low price from a variety of internet companies – search for ‘academic poster fabric printing’ in google.

Be aware that paper or fabric printing sometimes requires a few days for delivery so allow for this in your planning.



Your poster submission will be judged under the following guidelines:

Target Audience – How appropriate is the topic for an audience of clinicians, outreach workers, service agency representatives, and community stakeholders dedicated to improving the health and well-being of homeless populations?

Innovation – How novel or useful is the information or approach or service in addressing a problem related to the health care of homeless populations?

Impact – How potentially beneficial are the findings, interventions, programs or is the information provided to the care of patients/clients, development of services, training of providers, or sustainability of programs?

Applicability – How accessible and generalizable are the findings, interventions, or programs to other practice sites or practitioners in London and the UK?

Knowledge Advancement – How valuable is the information or approach to the growing body of homeless healthcare knowledge and clinical expertise? Have data findings or the supporting literature been collected, analysed, and presented in a rigorous and scholarly way?

Design – How effective is the poster design in getting across the message being presented.

Please contact LNNM members Kendra Schneller and/or Kirit Sehmbi to book a space for your poster and/or for further advice:

If you are happy your submission can also be posted on the LNNM website post conference. Files should ideally be in PDF format. If you wish to submit in another format and are unable to convert this to a PDF please let us know.

Submissions for the website should be e-mailed to