The London Network of Nurses and Midwives

Meeting Dates & Minutes

LNNM meeting dates 2018 – 2019

Standing agenda:

CPD 14.00-16.00,  LNNM network meeting 16.00-17.00

Venue: Royal College of Nursing unless otherwise stated (thanks to the RCN for providing free meeting space)

CPD sponsored by the London Homeless Health Programme


22/5/2018 – Multiple Complex Needs and the Law – Shelter

18/7/2018 – Managing respiratory conditions with people experiencing homelessness Respiratory Consultant Louise Restrick and respiratory team at the Whittington hospital

13/09/2018 – Harm Reduction training – Blenheim CDP

13/11/2018 – Engaging hard to reach clients – Groundswell peer advocates

January (date to be allocated) – Assessing Mental Capacity in clients with chronic addictions – EASL

March (date to be allocated) – AGM

All welcome !!!