The London Network of Nurses and Midwives

Past conference feedback

2018 conference

Attendee comments:

‘a really welcoming and friendly environment like no other conference I have been’

‘I think a lot of bigger organisations could learn a lot from this conference’

‘inspirational talks from so many experienced speakers’

‘It was awesome’

‘So much variety and info to take away’

‘a day to reflect and take stock’

‘There seemed to be a real positive energy which I personally found energising and encouraging at a time when resources are reducing and pressure building so it was much appreciated.’

2017 conference

Attendee comments:

‘This year was the best year yet’

‘It was my first time at the LNNM conference and I was completely blown away!’

‘This conference gets us all together and reminds us that we are all one big family working together for a common goal. Very important in these times of austerity when the outlook looks a bit gloomy!’

‘A very high-class conference.’

‘Incredible verve. Thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening and informative. Really inspired me to find a career / help as some way as a nurse in this population of service users.’

‘All the sessions were fantastic.’

‘Keep it going, and widen the scope.’

Thank you – it was brilliant! I left feeling so inspired.

2016 conference

Attendee comments:

‘Very motivating and progressive’


‘Brilliant organisation’

‘All of it was wonderful’

‘The place, the people, the way it was organised… it was really good’

‘I have a huge amount of respect for this conference because it is about learning, experience and networking – not a corporate money maker’

Contributor comments:

Dr Adrian McLachlan, Chair, London Homeless Health Programme / Chair, Lambeth CCG – ‘It was a very good conference’

Dr Ursula Gallagher, Professor Ursula Gallagher, Deputy Chief Inspector of General Practice and Integrated Care (London) – ‘It was a pleasure to spend some time with you at what was such a successful event’

Susan Munroe, CEO, Freedom from Torture – ‘It was a great programme you put together and my experience on the panel was very positive. Some really good questions from a thoughtful and engaged audience and a great range of perspectives on the panel.’

Ronald Kelly, Lawyer, Southwark Law Centre – ‘It was a very well-run event with a really important eye on the relevant policy issues.’

Garry Money, Assistant Director, London Homeless Health Programme – ‘I found it very insightful (as well as being well organised). As a direct result of the event we will be following up with Trinity Hospice re End of Life, and more broadly I got to sit with some more experts by experience and hear their views about being listened to.’

2015 Conference

Attendee comments:

‘Thought provoking’

‘absolutely wonderful’


‘a great day’

‘best conference I have ever been to’

‘passionate spirit of courageous nurses willing to challenge the status quo’.

Contributor comments:

Dr Ray Earwicker, Senior Policy Manager, Health Inequalities Unit, DH – ‘I enjoyed Friday’s session and I learnt a great deal!’

Jenny Travassos, Rough Sleeper Commissioner, Westminster – ‘I genuinely hope I was able to challenge some perceptions that commissioners don’t care! I thought they were a great bunch of people and where frustrations were voiced, I totally understood.’

Barbara O Connor, Lead, Office of CCGs – ‘I just wanted to say thank you for letting me attend the conference on Friday. I really enjoyed it… it was interesting hearing the perspectives of the people on the ground…’

Kate Bowgett (Director of Advocacy) – ‘I think it went really well… peers felt really involved. One peer now wants to be a nurse!’

2014 Conference

Attendee comments:

‘This is the best conference I have ever attended, because it felt like there was a real purpose to it’

‘It was brilliantly organised’

‘I must say the organisers were amazing’

‘A great event… Do it again please!’

Contributor comments:

Crystal Oldman, CEO, QNI – ‘It was a real privilege to be at your event and meet so many committed people’

Caroline Alexander, Chief Nurse, NHS London – ‘I found the panel discussion really helpful’

Helen Mathie, Head of Policy, Homeless Link – ‘It was very good event’