The London Network of Nurses and Midwives

Birthrights research project

Birthrights and Birth Companions are now seeking midwives to take part in focus groups as part of a study that investigates the human rights challenges experienced during maternity care by women facing severe and multiple disadvantage. The project aims to identify the most serious and frequent issues which arise for women during their maternity care, and propose policy and practice changes to address them.

They are running focus groups with midwives to understand their experiences and the challenges they face in supporting women with complex needs, and would be grateful if you would consider taking part. They are seeking midwives who have some experience of supporting women in London who face severe and multiple disadvantage during pregnancy or childbirth. They would be interested in the perspectives of those who work in a specialist team, as well as those who work with women facing severe and multiple disadvantage as part of a wider caseload.

See below for the information sheets for both specialist and non-specialist midwives, which provide more details about what participating involves. Please get in touch with the researcher, Rebecca, if you would like to participate, or with any questions. She can be contacted on or on 07967 135396 (although please note she works part time).